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Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging increases your content and page count

Blogs are a great way to build out the page count and content of your site but if you're using a free account via blogger and are not hosting the pages on your own server, your site does not get the full benefit from the additional content / pages.

As such I am looking at moving the blog to the killamandco server or dropping it in favor of Typepad which has quite a bit more functionality. I've also been toying with the idea of installing wordpress as I really like it's functionality and the variety of themes available but I think we'll wait on that switch until I can hire a designer to customize the theme to match the look of the main site.

Result? I like the simplicity of the current blog but typepad does offer quite a bit more functionality for the serious business blogger. Either way I will be moving the current blog to the killam and co server so the site will benefit from the additional pages etc. I will probably give typepad a shot and then make a firm decision over the weekend.

Once I make the switch the plan is to keep the blog updated more regularly than before with internet marketing and self promotion related content. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Official Google Checkout Blog: Let freedom ring

Official Google Checkout Blog: Let freedom ring

Thought I would direct readers to this clash between eBay and Google. As some of killam&co's clients have ecommerce websites in addition to selling their products on eBay this story is interesting indeed.

Seems Google was planning to protest eBay's policy of not allowing alternative's to Pay-Pal such as Google Checkout by holding a "Freedom" event during the latest eBay trade show. eBay retaliated by pulling its US Google Adwords advertising which you can be sure, is a massive account for Google.

Personally I think this kind of thing is petty. I also think, as this Web Master World post shows, a lot of us will be happy to see eBay ads disappear from Google for Good. I mean seriously, eBay's dynamic keyword insertion for every phrase under the sun gets a little tiring after a while.

When the ecommerce platform / provider you use restricts you from directing traffic to your own site and can then cut off all or a significant portion of advertising and traffic possibilities for your products, it puts your business in a shaky position. I think it's high time eBay loosened its grip a little and let its merchants have a little more flexibility in how they operate....

What do you think?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SMX was a blast

SMX Advanced in Seattle was a total blast. Not only did I learn a lot I got to meet some great people including: Bruce Clay, Aaron Wall, Tod Frieson, Todd Malicoat, Matt Cutts
and more.

I stuck mostly with the organic track, focusing on SEO rather than PPC. The one PPC presentation I did attend was very informative. I found it particularly interesting that the PPC arena seemed to be more formal and business like while the SEO side was much more casual and full of creative types (or so it seemed).

Thanks to Danny and the crew for a putting on a top notch event!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Search Marketing Expo in Seattle

That's right! I'm off to SMX Advanced in Seattle Monday and Tuesday of next week.
I'm looking forward to meeting the top names in SEO including Danny Sulivan, Matt Cutts and Aaron Wall.

The content looks excellent and I'm happy to be attending an event that focuses on the non-basic / entry level stuff.

Should be a blast! Stay tuned for an update next week!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Build to flip

A site I have been following closely of late is by Andy Hagens.
Andy is a noted search engine optimization consultant who just hung up his consultant spurs in favor of building sites to flip.

With Vancouver real estate prices being what they are after the last heat up, an alternative that is becoming more and more attractive is finding underdeveloped websites and building them up to sell. Andy has several great posts on this topic and has suggested in the past that this is the way to go rather than spending time consulting.

Another, related site worth checking out is
Second Life is a virtual world where over 6 million people lead second lives. While I'm not going to do a review of Second life and all of its many business uses (just Google it!) I recently heard the world has produced its first virtual real estate millionaire, millionaire in real terms of USDs.

Crazy stuff...perhaps I'm in the wrong business? :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Monday, May 7, 2007

Make money by blogging...big time

This post stems from a question a reader had about making money by writing online.
A few of the top ways to earn income from blogging that I have come across include:
  • affiliate sales (you sell products for another company and earn a cut)
  • ebook sales
  • indirect sales via consulting and speaking
  • advertising
    • programs such as Google Adwords
    • paid text links
    • sponsored links and banners
For a great post on the topic (more comprehensive), visit this post by

If you're interested in writing as a source of income and want to get your feet wet in the realm of professional blogging here are two sites to check out: One of the more popular blogs on the net Australian Pro Blogger Darren Rowse runs one of the best blogs I've come across about making money blogging.

The links above should give you a good start.

PS: if you've checked out the links above and aren't sure what to do next, sign up for a free blog at or